mission & values

floors that inspire wellbeing. every step of the way.

our mission

Our task is to provide everyone the chance and inspiration to build areas for peace and well-being

our vision

Offer natural and organic settings for everybody’s harmony and enjoyment.

our values


Responsibility and communication based relationships are the cornerstone to our success. Our main objective is to establish a strong and powerful culture of our companies and to connect and assist our socially responsible partners.


Rare Oak International has been successful with decades of knowledge in the wood business in exceeding expectations as a key partner for solid wood flooring goods, services and customer support.


For genuinely organic products, Rare Oak International gives priority to sustainability and the custody chain. At the same time we support reforestation programmes, we encourage high standards of law and ethics. Rare Oak International is a recognized FSC/CE/EUTR supplier,


We cultivate a devotion to harmony and wellbeing by providing sustainable and organic flooring. Regardless of its age or species, wooden floors provide warmth, character and beauty to any space. With Rare Oak International floors, you are one-step closer to creating organic world spaces.


Rare Oak International flooring communicate clearly and openly on every level of the client purchasing process.


Simplicity is a priority as specialists in the flooring business. We promote basic concepts to provide the intuitive experience of eCommerce and buyer’s journey. We provide content and direct communication in self-education.