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Creating the most consistently superior floorboards available.

The natural texture, warmth and presence of a timber floor is the greatest contributor to the character of a home. Our Collections, of premium European hardwood flooring and Bosnian Oak flooring, create a quality of light, a canvas of colour and mood, which reflect your personality and lifestyle. Walking on luxurious solid wood floors makes every day an indulgence. If you’re committing to this lifetime investment, we believe the business process must be the best we can provide, and the product consistently amazing.

At Rare Oak International, we set ourselves the goal to create the most consistently superior floorboards available. It means searching better and further for reliable and sustainable timbers. It meant inventing our own processes so we could deliver uncompromising standards. And it meant setting the standards in high-quality standards and seeking out the best craftsmanship for your installation.

We want to deliver a gorgeous product and faultless experience with our company.

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